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You are not allow to use these services. Currently, the service is only provided to old users of the (those who have a L-Number). Read the following for more information

L-Number which means Loyalty Number is a number assigned to you as a result of your frequent visits to our website( This number has a specific value called KLCoin. The amount of KLCoins in your loyalty number will increase based on your visits to our website, the time you read, the comments you leave and the articles you share with others.

Currently, the value of 1 KLCoin is equal to 10 US cents. This value will change according to the traffic, followers and users of our website.

Currently, the only way to spend KLCoins is to buy from Kandlus Market, which includes different products, gift cards with different values from the most popular brands in the world and buying astrology services

Since the platform is still in the testing stage, new members are not accepted except those who are introduced from our articles website.